Meet the Team!

Illustration of author

Richard Pilbery

As the haggered features and receding hairline show, Richard has been working shifts on ambulances for over a decade. He currently works up north as a paramedic clinical educator and also in a local university as an associate lecturer. Richard lives with his wife Vicky and two of which is already practising how to be a torrid teenager.

Illustration of administrator

Kate Anderson

Kate is based in the Bridgwater offices of Standby CPD. Kate has worked in publishing for two years, specialising in books and publications for emergency service personnel. Prior to this Kate's career was in the advertising industry. Kate lives in a small village in Somerset with her husband John and their two young children.

Illustration of illustrator

Nigel Downing

Nigel is an artist based in Somerset. He teaches in a large secondary school and undertakes the illustration of Standby CPD in his spare time. Prior to teaching full time he was a professional artist and also co-ran Fly Me To The Moon, the fanzine for Middlesbrough Football Club. Nigel lives in Somerset with his wife Lorna and their three children.